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I am here

By: Wayne Miles-Underhill

I am here and everywhere at the same time.

This may sound difficult,

It defies logic,

It is reality at best, a dream at worst.

Will you follow me?

It only takes a nanosecond to decide.

Come out of your cave and see the path.

Seek the answer to the question

You can’t formulate but want to so badly.

The universe hold the answers,

The matrix is there for you to prospect,

Gold is found like oil in the minds of men.

Drill into the depths of your inquisitiveness.

Walk on the outside of the walls of your existence.

I could guide you but your path is your own.

Ask me if you can accompany me and I may refuse.

The answers you seek are bought dearly.

Will you at least take a step in my direction?

It is not essential that you follow.

I am going no matter what.

Travelling alone is not a burden.

I will not be waiting when you arrive.

Don’t look for me at your last footstep.

Although you may think that you have joined me

On a quantum journey,

You are correct and in error at once!

This is the paradox that I hope you will experience.

My hopes are dashed before I thought this.

Forgive me,

I wanted at least one companion.

The universe is not built on hope.

Only obdurate laws with ghostly quirkiness prevail.

I should have known.

Our paths would lead in opposite directions.

Our road leads to one place and many.

We trudged together but apart.

You are there. I am here.

Together and nowhere

But everywhere.

Did you follow?

Where are you now?

Have you an answer?

Or do you still struggle with your question?

I want to know what you discover.

Will you tell me?

Will you keep it to yourself?

I am the one who persuaded you to follow.

You owe me.

I of course will not tell you my secret.

Perhaps I am still looking.

I am here and everywhere at once.

Don’t think me fey.

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