Other Works

A Collection of Poems and Short Stories

  • Hands or Head

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill You’d best find something to do with your head as you have no talent in your hands my father said to me once as he bent over his plane. I watched the curly shaves of wood float down and fur his boots. The pine smell ticked into my nose. I’m remembering those…

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  • Dutch Treat

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill Rain was falling softly on the narrow road next to the canal just outside Teuge Holland. It soaked the canvass covers on the lorries and as a result the soldiers riding in there had to withstand a steady drip and if they weren’t already miserable on this grey April day in 1945,…

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  • Bon Voyage

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill Jess felt his heart lurch as he watched the 727 roll down the runway on its way to Calgary with his beloved Theresa on board. She was finally leaving him. They had talked about the day that inevitably would arrive when they would say their final goodbyes and it had come at…

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  • I am here

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill I am here and everywhere at the same time. This may sound difficult, It defies logic, It is reality at best, a dream at worst. Will you follow me? It only takes a nanosecond to decide. Come out of your cave and see the path. Seek the answer to the question You…

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  • Morning

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill You followed me into a forest blue With one summer morning’s haze I had beckoned and you came. I promised you no reward for your faith in me. Many had more to offer you for Your basket held many treasures not Uncommon for one so young and pure. You gave me permission…

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  • Winds

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill The north wind comes down on a Polar Bear The south wind rides up in an easy chair The west wind blows the yachts at sea The east wind blows my love to me. Blow you winds and circle round Tell stories about the things you’ve found Bring me news from across…

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  • Untitled

    By: Wayne Miles-Underhill I look at my work reddened hands as I caress my face haggard now from awakening at dawn, I know they need care. A day that started with breakfast, getting the kids ready, one for school, the other to daycare, an obligatory kiss for my husband who, slice of toast in hand. roars out of the driveway late again. Driving, driving,…

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