Wayne Underhill

Refuge Dominion

The nation of Refuge, now ruled by Valda VI, has expanded its territory to include the land known as Califf. After this land, ruled by the usurper and false prophet, Shemoth, was defeated by the women of Refuge, the lands of Refuge were beset by an enemy from across the great ocean. This enemy, led by its ruler Popa, was none other than the ruler of Corath, who is now in league with the emperor Naggar of Tejia, the land to the south of Califf that espouses the same faith as Shemoth in the “God who will Return.” Popa arranged with Naggar to send a band of assassins to Califf with the express purpose of murdering Valda VI.

Now, the women of Refuge are compelled to take up arms against the army of Tejia and contend with the perfidy of Popa. 

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