Refuge Empire

Valda VII and her army and navy have succeeded in destroying Naggar’s forces in Tejia, freeing the Tejian women and eliminating the men, only to find that they are confronted once again by the nefarious adventures of faraway Corath and its despotic ruler Popa.

This time, Valda knows that the Dominion of Refuge is facing its greatest peril as her realm will encounter a foe that could prove insurmountable. Valda and her Guild Maters must decide if they must overturn some of the Great Valda’s sternest admonitions against the adoption of the weapons of the ancients in order to survive. With the assistance of an ally called the Hive, Valda sets out on her audacious plan to destroy Corath once and for all time. This will be a time for glorious victory or one that will set a troublesome course for Refuge well into the future.

Refuge Empire will soon be available on Amazon!

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