The planet Earth was wounded as a result of a bombardment by meteorites and the nuclear holocaust that followed. Humanity and all life on Earth struggled mightily to survive. Knowledge and histories were lost but unburdened from hosting billions of humans, the world began to recover. So it was that Valda, who was just a simple fisher girl, rebelled at the brutality of clan life and her future of slavery at the hands of a man in her clan. She was of strong mind and body. She gathered a small cadre of women and led them across the desert and through a vast mountain range, where they discovered a place she named Refuge.

To rule Refuge, Valda and her women were forced to fight to hold onto it. The generations that came after her relied upon the Laws of this Great Valda, as she became known. These laws decreed that the only places for men in Refuge would be as slaves or seeders. As the land progressed under its subsequent rulers, also named Valda, its existence came into peril. At the request of Valda VI, Raisa, a commander of the forces of Refuge, led a campaign in the land of Califf to the south to defeat the religious despot Shemoth. The tale tells of the heroism of the warrior women of Refuge as they battle an army of men and hold on to the Laws of the Great Valda while committing brutal acts of war and freeing the women of Califf. Read more of the Rule of Valda in Refuge Dominion and Refuge Empire.

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